• A new investment to upgrade resistance limit of PCBs

    A new investment to upgrade resistance limit of PCBs

    We are still pursuing our philosophy of continuously improvement aimed to bring about Hi-Tech in  production and management spreading it out over each area of our company.
    Our last investment has been the installation of a new automatic and robotic line, MECetchBOND CZ, which treats the copper area of laminates used to realize PCBs through a chemical-mechanical process.

    This process makes an excellent roughness on copper surface, facilitating endurance of materials which will be posed on it during PCB realization (dry film, liquid film, solder resist).

    Several benefits result from it.
    • increase value of endurance to rip of copper track
    • improvement of connection among multilayer inners (increases values of endurance to delamination)

    • reduction of solder mask Peel-off
      • reduction of chemical infiltration under solder mask

    The utilization of this new line allows to upgrade resistance limit of PCBs.

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  • VIDEO – High precision micro drilling up to diameter 0,1mm

    VIDEO – High precision micro drilling up to diameter 0,1mm

    The cutting edge of production technology in our drilling department: two Pluritec’s new machines EVO join our 10 automatic drilling machineries.

    A choice of continuous innovation which allows us to meet the requests about multilayer PCBs, more and more solid, sophisticated and miniaturized according to the best performances.

From panel loading, including barcode identification, to final un-loading , Pluritec EVO handles production panels at high-speed, working on three independent axes with linear motors which are perfectly stable and using a motor which reaches 200 thousand revolutions per minute.

The production process is totally automatic and extremely accurate: camera CCD alignment, laser control of drilling tools diameter, controlled depth in axis Z.
Everything to push to the highest productive limits:

    • Micro drilling up to diameter 0,1mm
    • Controlled depth drilling +/-15 micron

    A higher speed drilling and an extremely perfect outcome, 
in order to offer to our customers the best quality ever using an ultrafast service.

  • VIDEO – Direct Imaging

    VIDEO – Direct Imaging

    We have further enhanced our productive department investing in the most advanced technology for pcb direct printing experienced in nowadays market.

    It is NUVOGO 800, the next generation Direct Imaging machine produced by Orbotech, worldwide leader in high-tech precision for electronics industry.

    Located in a cleanroom class 10000, an ideal and continually decontaminate environment, Nuvogo 800 directly transfers the image of inner layer, external layer and solder mask over the photoresist dryfilm using MultiWave Laser technology.

    Since it doesn’t need printing film, its start-up time has been drastically reduced compared with those of a traditional exposure: this promotes speed in manufacturing and in changing order, making production faster and faster.

    An important and strategic investment to meet the rising demands of speed and precision which are reaching us from traditional channels, and also from our services for fast delivery AlbaExpress and mypcbshop.com.

    Only a few data to highlight that, beyond speed, this new technology assures you an increase in precision and productivity:

    • 375nm and 405nm laser (modulable wavelenght)
    • Minimum line width: 25um (that means to be able to transfer minimum line width of 50um)
    • Transfering precision (resolution 12700DPI – 2um)
    • Production: more than 110 panels per hour on both sides

    An overlapped printing on the support shape.

  • VIDEO – High-tech Precision V-Cut

    VIDEO – High-tech Precision V-Cut

    The perfection of our new Japanese technology for V-Cut makes us guarantee the highest care in PCBs finishing.
    A V-Cut machine for high-tech precision, The SHODA TECHTRON, has been chosen to enhance our Mechanical Finishing Department.

    The MVC-630C, an authentically V-Cut machine for PCB final cut, able to manage the completely automated process: loading the production panel, precision alignment by optical balance, panel rotation for cutting in X- axes and Y- axes and final unloading.

    A lot of parameters can be regulated to create cut program perfectly tailored on customer requests:

    • Management of core thickness (tolerance of +/- 0.05mm)
    • Chance of decentralizing core position.
    • Chance of making only one-side cut
    • Bidirectional Jump V-Cut

    Cut precision achieves +/-0.05mm, and allows to work with PCB thickness till 0,3mm.



    Precision and high level of accuracy for complex symbols, lines from up to 4 mils.

    To print the symbolism of the white components, we have chosen to include in our departments a technology of last generation, UV lamps to LEDs, which ensures speed, accuracy, and high definition.
    The Inkjet Sprint 120 of Orbotech is a machine inkjet, able to perform printing and baking of color in a very short time, from 26 to 112 seconds according to the required fineness.
    The control of the amount of ink, the uniformity of its drafting and precision optical alignment (± 1.4 mils), are such as to ensure a high definition also symbologies more complex, lines of up to 4 mils for character height of 20.
    The Sprint 120 also offers the possibility to print a bar code on each individual circuit serial product, allowing you to have a unique reference number for future traceability of every single pcb.

  • VIDEO – Solder Mask Spray

    VIDEO – Solder Mask Spray

    Fast execution, quick colour change, evenly distributed protective film!

    To optimise production in the solder mask printing department, we rely on Ecospray, a machine that applies ink on the surface of the printed circuit with a jet of spray. With four colours always available (green, blue, white and black) the passage from one colour to another is immediate, with no machine downtime between one job and another.

    Ecospray manages boards with thicknesses between 0.5 and 3.2 millimetres, automatically turning them over once the protective film has been applied on one side. The spraying technique not only optimises production but also guarantees a high quality product. The nozzles move in a linear motion, spraying ink at low pressure (between 1.6-2 atmospheres) and at a specific density to create a protective layer that guarantees:

    • No gaps and perfect homogeneity of the thickness
    • Coverage of the shoulder of the conductor for any copper thickness
    • Adherence on the surface in accordance with the IPC standard
    • Complete removability in welding areas

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  • VIDEO – Flying Probe Test ATG A6

    VIDEO – Flying Probe Test ATG A6

    Speed, precision and delivery of high quality products!
    We have invested in an ATG-A6 machine which belongs to the new generation of flying probe testers. It guarantees high productivity thanks to an automatic loading-unloading system and 16 superfast probes.
    This choice has improved the electrical testing department, bringing it into line with the ever-increasing complexity of PCB designs.
    The ATG-A6 uses combined testing techniques to offer the largest coverage when searching for errors:

    • Continuity Test
    • Insulation Test
    • High Voltage Test
    • 4-wire Kelvin Test
    • Micro short detection

    The movement of the sixteen arms that hold the flying probe is guided by a program compiled directly by the Gerber files of the circuit.
    Total control is also guaranteed in the unloading phase of the tested circuit, where the faulty boards are automatically separated from the perfect boards.