ALBA PCB Group is a dynamic and innovative reality with a portfolio of over 1,000 active clients in various industrial sectors.
The constant commitment to manufacturing cutting-edge products at the highest level of reliability and at competitive prices has enabled the company to become the ideal partner for numerous customers worldwide.

Main market sectors

  • Automotive and Railway
  • Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Medical systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Telecom and Datacom
  • Lighting
  • Commercial
Automotive and Railway - Market sectors of ALBA PCB Group


ALBA PCB Group is a leader in the production of printed circuit boards for the automotive and transport industries.
Working in close collaboration with the design teams of its clients, we actively participate in the development of strategic projects to guarantee the best technological solutions at the maximum levels of product reliability and quality.
We produce rigid and rigid-flex circuits that are used in a wide range of applications from components for the active safety of devices subject to an elevated level of thermal load, from the engine control units to infotainment systems.
Furthermore, our laboratories can conduct in-depth reliability testing on the PCBs, even in climate chambers using highly sophisticated instruments.

Industrial & Instrumentation - Market sectors of ALBA PCB Group


The manufacturing quality and production capacity of our Italian and Chinese factories have positioned the ALBA PCB Group as one of the most important realities within the PCB sector for industrial applications.
The range of types of PCB products produced each year is quite vast and is designed for multinational companies and for specialists in niche segments including:

  • High-precision testing and measurement equipment
  • Robotic
  • Bar code scanners
  • Frequency converters
  • Industrial automation devices
  • Electrical panels
  • Power Supplies
  • and much more…
ALBA PCB Group - Aerospace and Defense


Thanks to the continuous investment in human resources, high-quality performance of the entire production process and full traceability of products, ALBA PCB Group is capable of offering a wide range of technological solutions and services for the production of printed circuit boards designated for the aerospace industry, avionics and military.

Medical systems - Market sectors of ALBA PCB Group


Innovation and research are the elements that characterise the production of PCBs at a high level of reliability for medical applications.
Our team of technicians in combination with the diversified supply model makes it possible for the ALBA PCB Group to manufacture prototypes in small and large series that fully satisfy the requirements of clients that work in this field.

ALBA PCB Group - Renewable Energy


In an increasingly demanding and ever changing market, ALBA PCB Group’s flexibility and capacity to adapt has allowed us to win the trust of an array of leading companies in the sector’s various segments:

  • Environmental systems
  • Wind and photovoltaic energy
  • Geothermal and solar energy
  • Petroleum and gas market
  • Energy management
Telecom e Datacom - Market sectors of ALBA PCB Group


In this industrial sector in a state of rapid evolution, the ALBA PCB Group offers absolutely excellent performance and an extremely competitive cost.
A high degree of flexibility in capacity to adapt ourselves to new specifications are crucial factors in the telecommunications market. Our production factories are specialized in manufacturing printed circuit boards for applications in the field of radio frequency and for infrastructures consisting of fixed/mobile networks that use PCBs manufactured using SBU technology and special raw materials for high-performance.

Lighting - Market sectors of ALBA PCB Group


The recent evolution of the lighting market has called for the development of new technological solutions to support the growing customer requirements of a sector that involves a great variety of different fields, among them: some automotive applications for industrial and commercial lighting.
Our vast range of products includes: PCBs with extra copper thickness, heat sinks, IMS with metallic substrates, PCBs with heat-conductive pastes and a series of proposed innovations adapted to applications with high thermal loads or particular operating conditions. The ALBA PCB Group’s research and development team is constantly working to improve design flexibility and reduce costs with respect to the high quality standards of this important market sector.

Market sectors of ALBA PCB Group - Renewable Energy


The technical/production synergies between our factories located in Italy and in China provide the optimal solution for clients that work in the field of commercial electronics, thereby offering PCBs with a high level of reliability and at competitive costs.

Main applications:

  • Home appliances
  • Home automation
  • Vending
  • Air conditioners and refrigerators
  • Video surveillance