Production Far East - Alba PCB Group


To meet every need

From the provision of small, medium and large productions, to highly complex boards, ALBA PCB Group efficiently responds to any specific requirement.

Fast and secure management

Flexible procedures to ensure clarity in technical and administrative documentation and to simplify the logistics related to delivering the product.

Selection of quality partner

Established long-term partners that we have made grow according to the strict quality criteria of the ALBA PCB Group, being perfectly coherent with the standards demanded by the European market.

Far East - Selected manufacturers


We evaluate quality production process

Being a manufacturer for over twenty years, we have a deep understanding of the PCB development process: We know what techniques allow us to overcome the delicate stages of the PCB production and which technologies prevent compromises in quality.

Guided by our experience, we have moved onto the Far-Eastern market over the course of ten years to create the service AAB-Tech, selecting high-ranking partner that are capable of guaranteeing quality products with reduced lead times.

Periodic checks

By means of continuous monitoring of the production sites, we maintain high technical standards of the partners involved in the service, AAB-Tech.

Technological implementation

Experience and in-depth technical knowledge allow us to act directly in the processes and technology at our partners’ plants located in the Far East in order to obtain the best product possible.

Far East production PCB - Streamlined Logistic


To any destination in the world

AAB Tech is a service that also offers logistics management of products made in the Far East thanks to a team that coordinates competent partners, production warehouses and sorting by means of quick and punctual communications.

The service offered is based on speed and precision to satisfy customer demands both in the case of emergency regarding delivery times as well as particular logistic needs.

Shipping anywhere

We manage every means to ship the product in an optimised manner: by sea, by air, on land.

Partner Quality Control

In addition to selecting competent partners that, on request, manage the direct freight forwarding of the products, we perform audits on their organisation and quality controls at their logistics plants.


We deliver quality safe

Checks on incoming customer designs:
Automated importing of files
Feasibility analysis (Design Rule Check)
Creation of a standard interchange format
Preparation of a product control plan

Finished product control:
Metallographic tests (microsections)
Dimensional and mechanical checks (OGP)
Check of thickness of finishing/plating metals with X-rays
Checking of depth and V-Score linearity
Checking of controlled impedance lines
Check of finishing alloy composition with X-rays
TIC controls (ion contamination)

Far East production PCB - Quality Control

Final Quality Check

Checking of metal thickness
Checking of thicknesses of base metal (copper) using dedicated instruments (CMI)
Checking of the alloy composition with XRF instruments
Checking of metal thickness with XRF instruments
Metallographic tests (cross section)
Non-destructive tests for measuring the metallisation thickness on holes with dedicated instruments (CMI)

Mechanical Checks

Dimensional and mechanical checks using optical gaging products (OGP)
Depth micrometric controls of V-score precuts
Machining checks at a controlled height using dedicated instruments (OGP Z-axis)

Other checks

Checking of controlled impedance lines (Z-metric ST300)
Checking of drilling centring using X-Ray (INSPECTA)
Checking of ionic contamination (TIC)
Checking of wettability of finish (Deep test and comparative Wetting Balance Test)

Standard check

Each production batch is subjected to routine checks at our internal laboratories, conducted according to internal specifications and compliant with international reference standards.

First Article Report (FAR)

On the customer’s request, specific controls can be performed on first tooling productions (new codes) in order to prevent possible anomalies that could affect mass production from having good results. Dedicated documentation is issued.

Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP)

On the customer’s request, it is possible to conduct verification procedures and procedures for the registration and approval of production processes of PCB prototypes that are numbered and archived on an individual basis. In this way, the customer has a set of documents/reports relevant to PCBs constructed in the initial prototyping phase at its disposition that can be used to respond to subsequent mass production efforts. In the documents the following is recorded: the details of the raw materials used, the production processes involved, the designs and whatever else is necessary for production and detailed quality control.