Alba PCB Group - Certificazioni


The company as a system for developing quality

We have chosen to position ourselves with high standards for product quality and customer service, thereby paying attention to the most specific demands and ensuring the maximum level of accuracy.

We maintain the standards by applying the quality system, ISO9001, by means of which we monitor processes and verify customer satisfaction.

Raw materials and processes used by us have been approved and certified by UL.


This certification guarantees the application of internal procedures, which allow for services to be rendered and products to be manufactured in compliance with very precise quality standards.
The continuous application of such procedures is verified by an external body.
(Certifying body CSQ – no. of certificate, 9105.ALBL – valid: 30 May 2014)


Our products are compliant with the standards established by the norm, IPC A 600, in Class 2. The IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries is an editor of a series of documents (usually shown as reference standards) that relate to the more technical aspects of the production of any particular piece of electronics. The application of such standards as a reference guarantees that the production provides the client with products that correspond to typical functional requirements.


A UL-approved PCB may occur in all fields where a CE mark is required or in the markets of the United States and Canada. The organisation that issues this certification carries out quarterly manufacturer audits on a periodical basis in order to verify adherence to the regulations indicated for circuit production.
(Approval file ZPMV2-E203656)

CLAIMS for the RAILWAY market – UNI CEI 11170-3

This declaration is issued by an independent certified laboratory and guarantees that customers receive products in line with the requirements of the railway industry, without the need for additional costly inspections.
(Test Methods in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2 and AFNOR NF F 16-101 and 16-102)