Material used
CEM3 e FR4 HTC (High Thermal Conductivity)

Produttori materiale di base
Panasonic – Nanya – Isola

PCB Type
Single Layer – Double Layer – Multilayer

Thickness of base copper
18um – 35um – 70um – 105um – 210um

Surface Finishes
Passivated Copper – Hot Air Levelling Lead Free or Sn/Pb – Immersion Gold(ENIG – ENIPIG – ASIG) – Electrolytic gold (selettiva o estesa) – Immersion Silver

High Dissipation PCB - Alba PCB Group

Solder Resist

  • Definizion: Photographic (collimated light or laser direct imaging) – serigraphy ( occlusion holes)
  • Methodology of drafting: Silk Screen or Spray
  • Typical hardness : 6H

Green, blue, red, white, black, transparent, some available in matte and glossy version.

Silk Screen

  • Methodology of drafting: Silk Screen or InkJet (only white)
  • Definizion: Serigraphy, Photographic, inkjet Pixel (720×720)

White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red.

Mechanical finish

  • Single PCB
  • Panel PCB
  • Panel PCB with tap
  • Panel PCB with V-Scoring precuts
  • Mixed technology (Drilling and V-Scoring)


  • Graphite printing (for sliding or membrane contacts)
  • Peelable solder resist printing
  • Print HTC insulating resins (epoxy and / or silicone)
  • Kapton taping
  • Controlled height machining: Drilling, Milling, Chamfering, Countersink, Boring


  • FR4 Standard
  • FR4 medium / high / very highTG
  • Lead Free Epoxy material
  • Material (also fr4) low Er (high signal speed)
  • Material (also fr4) low Lf (low signal loss)
  • Polymide
  • Ptfe
  • Special Material ( with filler Teflon or Ceramic)
  • Flexible Material (Du Pont, Krempel) or semi-flexible (Isola)
  • Halogen Free
  • Coverlay
  • IMS
  • CEM1 (only single side)
  • CEM3
  • HTC Material (high thermal conductivity) for alta dissipazione
  • High CTI Material (max 600V)