Business Model

The objective of the company strategy of Alba PCB Group is to cover the entire European market with the presence of specialised on-site technical staff in the territory at hand.
The companies belonging to the group are organised according to a logic based on production specialisation that guarantees a wide range of products with quality and innovative service according to the highest European standards.
This results in the client turning to the only point of contact that is capable of serving it from the phases of co-design and planning, all the way to the phases of making the prototype and serial production in great quantities.

CO-Design & Technical Support

The “know-how” acquired in the last 25 years of being active and the high level of production flexibility allows ALBA PCB Group to act as a strategic consultant for all those who operate in the field of technical research and innovation in the industrial electronics sector.
Our company offers a highly competent “Early Supplier Involvement” service with which we provide support to clients with the process of co-design all the way to production and after-sales.
The activities are managed by a dedicated team with the goal of providing each project with added value:

  • Increasing the quality and technical level of designing;
  • Optimisation of the industrialisation process of the product;
  • Reduction of costs for development and production;
  • Quick and flexible shipments with continuous reduction of the “time-to-market”;
  • Rationalisation of the supply chain with a selective approach based on a highly qualified single point of contact

The company policy aims at strategic investments and continuous development of relationships with key international research centres, guaranteeing cutting-edge technology that is always orientated towards high quality standards.


In a highly competitive market, the capacity to reduce the “time-to-market” is the key to success in development and in the commercialisation of electronic products.
ALBA PCB Group perceived the importance of this aspect beforehand, thereby implementing over time a model derived from “Lean Manufacturing” in its Italian and Chinese factories that allow for a high level of flexibility in the rapid production of prototypes, of small and large series of high-tech and conventional PCBs.

Logistic Solutions

ALBA PCB Group manages all its activities with regard to the “Supply Chain” on a global scale with an integrated and personalised approach that permits it to optimise service and relevant costs guaranteeing the client a wide range of logistic solutions and solutions for manging its warehouse inventory:

  • JIT with EDI pulls;
  • Consignment stock;
  • Vendor Managed Inventory.