Online PCB: Why Mypcbshop has increased of 35%

29 kwietnia 2020

Mypcbshop is the e-commerce platform for buying Alba PCB Group’s printed circuits, which allows to obtain instant quotes and to receive high quality samples in an easy, fast and cheap way.
Since it was born on 2012, among the first ones in Italy, it has been growing steadily on the market, conquering and always retaining new customers.
In the first three months of 2020, the platform has spotted a veritable stride, increasing of 35% its sales volume.

A growth, definitely influenced by the nowadays circumstance, but above all, based on a confidence which we have been building for these years, founded on these elements which are proclaiming this success:
First: Reliable made in Italy production, 100% tested quality
Second: Punctuality on delivery: 98%
Third: Reliability and availability – from low cost prototype to mass production through the same technicians, thanks to the indivisibility of the whole service offered by Alba PCB Group.

Added to these, the technical assistance service considered even more essential by engineers and technical designers who look for reliability and competent solutions.
On Mypcbshop find:
Technical assistance
Consultancy for defining productivity standards (DFM report)
Assistance for the transition to mass production paying particular attention to the most efficiency (cost reduction)
On demand, service which provides the possibility of freely choosing PCB features.

Go to Mypcbshop

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