Checking quality looking “2000 times” more!

17 June 2020
Alba PCB Microscopio provino

We don’t take our eyes off from quality! Our control department is the place where we can check the value of our job and certify its quality to customer.
We have boosted it more integrating the digital microscope VHX-7000 made by Keyence, a progressive company in the microscopy sector.
A tool which owns developed functions for measurement in 2D and 3D and goes up to 2000X enlargements, keeping the best resolution in microscopes history.

Alba PCB
It works on a complex system of many-sided lightning and overlap between images which produces a simultaneous representation of the surface and the shape of the framed detail.
Even the most complex of printed circuit can be plumbed to analyze its aspects among those:
• metallographich section
• surface analysis
• thickness of metal and resin
• granulometric analysis
• analysis of contamination in accordance with ISO 16232 and VDA 19

Thanks to its function of report creation, all data related to the conformity check on products can be available in the form of an accessible document.

(metallographich section of a blind hole)
Alba Pcb sezine metallografica

(thickness of metal and resin)

Alba PCB superficie

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