Production processes

Producing with avant-garde technology

Producing with avant-garde technology

The creation of a printed circuit board is based on a vast range of knowledge: photography, electronics, mechanics, chemistry, metallurgy, and galvanizing. It requires the use of sophisticated software, different specific processes, and many materials: from laminates to resins, from photosensitive films to metal alloys.
Our expertise with each of these elements and the use of avant-garde, high-tech machines allows us to respond to the continuing evolution of electronics and the ever changing demands of the printed electronic circuit market.

The electrical test flying - the new ATG A9 flying probe

The increasing miniaturisation of electronic boards and the need to test prototypes and small quantities in rapid and safe way, has led us to further strengthen our testing department by investing in a latest-generation flying probe electrical tester.

Alba Elettronica: high-tech production plant

A strategic asset for Alba PCB Group is its own production facility in Northern Italy, thanks to which we can offer the production of printed circuit boards from the Far East or Italy, depending on the customer’s needs.
This video gives a general overview of the production plant in Mogliano Veneto, which is in constant technological evolution.

Italy’s production plant: Direct Imaging in the clean room

Our PCB printing department is equipped with a class 10000 clean room, a constantly decontaminated environment created to use the most advanced direct print circuit board printing technology.

Italy's production plant: creating a multi-layer PCB

Alba PCB Group manufactures PCBs with up to 12 layers using different materials, based on the customers’ requirements.

Production plant in Italy: a microscope in the PCB quality check department

In our quality check department, we check and certify the quality of our PCBs. This video shows one of the tools we use: the VHX-7000 digital microscope. This state-of-the-art microscope features advanced 2D and 3D measurement functions.

Italy’s production plant: inkjet silkscreen printing automated station

This video shows a production phase in our plant in Mogliano Veneto (TV).
The production station for inkjet screen printing with a process controlled by barcode and fully automated thanks to robot 4.0.

An automated robot for Inkjet silkscreen printing

In our Italian production plant we continue to integrate Hi-Tech solutions that improve production quality and capacity.
An industrial 4.0 robot has been installed on the Orbotech Inkjet Sprint 120 inkjet printer that allows smart automation of the whole process.The system recognizes the squares being worked on and indicates to the printer the relative program to load to ensure production efficiency, operation repeatability, and high reliability.

Solder Spray Line

Spray technology for a solder mask that is perfectly uniform and adherent to the PCB surface. The spray technique that has been used in our factory for years has today seen an important improvement that increases the efficiency of the production department, and guarantees an even higher quality product.

Excellent Solder mask adhesion

We continue to pursue our philosophy of continuous improvement aimed at bringing high-tech production and management into every area of the company. One of our latest investments is the installation of a new automatic robotized line, the MECetchBOND CZ, which, by means of a chemical-mechanical process, treats laminated surfaces in order to guarantee the maximum surface adhesion.

Orbotech Nuvogo 1000

It’s called NUVOGO 1000 and it is the latest generation of Direct Imaging stations produced by Orbotech. Installed in a 10,000 class clean room and custom built to create an ideal and continuously decontaminated environment, NUVOGO 1000 “designs” the image of the inner layer, the outer layer directly on the photosensitive film with multi-wave laser modules. The machine can also be used for the direct photoimaging of the solder mask.

Automatic V-cut process

Maximum accuracy in finishing the PCB thanks to the perfection of our new SHODA TECHTRON, a Japanese technology for high precision V-cut scoring, and chosen to enhance our mechanical finishing department.

High precision micro-perforators - Pluritec Evo

The best technology for micro-drilling and controlled depth drilling. These micro-drills are equipped with a CCD camera for perfectly centring the multi-layering, and a laser for checking the drilling tools.
• Precision micro-drilling up to 0.1 mm.
• Controlled drilling and depth +/-15 micron.

Orbotech InSight PCB Software / Ucamco Integrator

InSight PCB is a web-based tool for automatically managing and evaluating the customer’s project data. It generates a report with complete information on the requested product and a “feasibility” summary, allowing those who manage the commercial part to work independently, accurately, and efficiently.

Orbotech Inkjet Sprint 120

Digital printing machine with optical centring for realizing the white topographical symbology of the components of QR Codes, Data Matrixes, and Barcodes, and also SEQUENTIALLY, Sprint 120 inkjet offers the best definition on the market today, with 720/1440 dpi and the possibility of printing characters 0.5 mm high with 75 micron lines, and an accuracy of +/- 35 microns.


16 probe electrical testing system machine with automatic centring via CCD video cameras, with Soft Touch ranging from 5g to 15g, and Kelvin Test, up to a maximum of 250 Volts. The ATG A6 tests a pad from a minimum of 35 microns to a rate of 75 microns, and with automated loading /unloading of the circuits.

Orbotech AOI Discovery 8200 & Fusion 20

Both the machines used for optical checking and verifying the conformity between the tracks of the inner/outer layers of the circuit and the respective gerber files. The high resolution video camera with which the machines are equipped allows checking tracks of less than 50 microns.

Hi tech std photoimaging process

The Afosa Ies-CA8 is an aligned lighted photoimaging machine with automatic recording data that, using 4 CCD cameras, automatically expose the film on the production panel in high definition. It is a standard component used in the production of the Solder Resist Mask.

MacDermid Shadow Chemical Process

Process for metalizing of the holes that allows for increasing the propagation of the electrolytic copper in the galvanizing by 30%, micro-engraving only 4 microns of copper on the inner sides of the multi-layering. It allows you to achieve certain results above all on products with a large number of holes, on micro-drilling and blind drilling.

Orbotech Cam Genesis Software

The Cam Station allows you to check, and correct when necessary and with the customer’s agreement, the data furnished by the customer itself, thus ensuring the highest quality of the finished product. The software allows for automatically processing the files for all the equipment necessary for producing printed circuit board: photo-plotters, drilling machines, AOI, Inkjets, and testing machines.

MacDermid HiSpec 2 high penetration baths

We have added this bath to guarantee the maximum amount of copper in the small-diameter holes and an optimal distribution of the contact points in the circuits with unbalanced copper areas.

Pluritec Inspecta Diamond RX

Machine with X-ray video-camera for centring and compensating reference targets for multi-layer drilling.

Pluritec Multistation

All suitable for micro-drilling and controlled depth drilling, with CCD camera for centring multilayer PCBs, and lasers for controlling the drilling tools. Automatic loading/unloading of the panels to be drilled with a barcode reader for loading the drilling files and relative parameters.