Solder Spray Line

The spray technique that our factory has used for many years has recently undergone an important upgrade that increases production streamlining and guarantees an even higher quality product.
The novelty from our solder resist coating department is the latest generation of a line of automatic spray paints that ensures an even higher quality deposit of the paint resistant to the processes of welding.

To upgrade resistance limit of PCBs

We are still pursuing our philosophy of continuously improvement aimed to bring about Hi-Tech in  production and management spreading it out over each area of our company.
Our last investment has been the installation of a new automatic and robotic line, MECetchBOND CZ, which treats the copper area of laminates used to realize PCBs through a chemical-mechanical process.

Orbotech Nuvogo 800

It’s called NUVOGO 800 and it is the latest generation of direct imaging stationed made by Orbotech. Installed inside of a Class-10000 clean room, custom manufactured to create the ideal continuously decontaminated environment, NUVOGO 800 “designs” the inner-layer, external-layer and solder-mask image directly on photosensitive film using multi-wave laser modules.

Automatic V-Score

Maximum level of accuracy in the PCB finish thanks to the perfection of our new SHODA TECHTRON, Japanese technology for high-precision V-scoring/cutting, having been chosen to enhance our mechanical finishing department.

Micro drilling with high precision - Pluritec Evo

The best technology for micro-drilling and drilling at controlled depths. These micro drills are equipped with CCD cameras for perfect alignment of the multilayer or laser for the control of drilling tools. Characteristics:
• Micro-drilling with precision up to 0.1 mm.
• Drilling and controlled depth +/-15 microns.

Inkjet Sprint 120 Orbotech

Inkjet machine of Orbotech optical centering for printing the white symbols of the components, 120 Sprint offers the best definition on the market today, with 720/1440 dpi resolution and the ability to print characters with a height of 0, 5 mm, with lines of 75 microns and an accuracy of +/- 35 microns.


Electrical testing machine with 16 probes with automatic alignment using CCD cameras, with soft-touch functionality ranging from 5 g to 15 g and Kelvin Testing up to 500 volts. L’ATG A6 tests pads with a minimum of 35 microns and a pass of 75 microns and automatically loads and unloads the PCBs.

Alba Productive Area

From the technical office for the final electrical test: high technology, organization and automation.

How do you create a printed circuit board

From chemistry to mechanics, from electronics to computing, creating a printed circuit.