Crisis: when PCB supplier becomes strategic…

26 March 2020
Alba PCB risk management

When PCB supplier becomes strategic to manage PCB supplying risks in a crisis situation.

Many companies dealt with efficiency level of their own supplying chain in a crisis situation as that generated from Coronavirus pandemic.

And several companies discovered to entrust to a PCB supplier completely depending on Chinese manufacturers with no strategies to manage a crisis situation as that caused from Coronavirus epidemic. Delays and production stops caused such serious economic repercussions.

Thanks to our Italian production plant and our worldwide organization, we have an everlasting risk management strategy for our customers, helping them to face with this crisis period and avoiding them serious repercussions.


Three essential points:

1) Providing for possible geographic or technical/organizational weakness diversifying production between Far East and Italian one.

2) Planning with customer production for sufficient buffer to face production stop situations or lack in raw material.

3) Intervening with Hi-Tech Italian production plant with contingency plans which prevent production stops to the customer.

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