Alba PCB Group expands into Germany

22 March 2019

Acquires Q-print electronic GmbH

Acquiring the majority share in Q-Print electronic Gmbh, a German company with headquarters in Heddesheim, is the realization of our international expansion policy and strengthens our presence in strategic market sectors.

Q-print is a reality that has been present on the market for twenty years, with a top-level sales, marketing, and technical structure. This strength, together with our long experience as PBC manufacturers and the innovative spirit of the Alba group, allows us to face, as a confirmed leader, a very high level technological market like the German one, which requires the highest standard products and services.

The acquisition of Q-print supports our strategic priorities of improving our offerings of products and services, reinforcing our global impact, and investing in areas with strong opportunities for sustainable growth.
Vjekoslav Grishaber, who remains a shareholder in the company and is a highly regarded personality in the PBC market, has been named to head the German branch.


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