Solder Resist Spray Line

30 April 2019

Spray technology for a perfectly uniform solder mask that adheres to the surface of pcb.

The spray technique that our factory has used for many years has recently undergone an important upgrade that increases production streamlining and guarantees an even higher quality product.
The novelty from our solder resist coating department is the latest generation of a line of automatic spray paints that ensures an even higher quality deposit of the paint resistant to the processes of welding.
The amount of solder resist deposited by the mobile nozzles is uniform and optimal, thanks to the thermo-air processing system and to the continuous weight control of the deposit.
The process is completely automated, from loading the boards for processing to their exit from the drying tunnel, including turning them over for the double-sided application.

The precision in each phase allows obtaining a painted surface that is able to bring many benefits to the finished pbc:
• Uniform solder resist deposit on the pcb and on the production lot;
• Circuit is free of paint accumulation even in the 0,2 mm diameter micro-perforations;
• No gaps and uniform thickness;
• Conductor shoulder covering for any copper thickness;
• Adherence to surface conforms to IPC standard;
• Complete removability from welding areas

Rapid covering, rapid colour change (green, blue, red, yellow, white, black, and transparent) without stopping the line, ability to process thin laminates (from 0.2 mm thickness), and the possibility of changing the automatic operating parameters of the machine according to the type of pbc being processed, these are some other benefits from adopting the new EcoSpray line.Finally, the system allows automatic tracking of the various lots, and recording the operating parameters actually used during the process each time, in absolute compliance with the Industry Directives 4.0.


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