Fabio Puccia Modica is the new Commercial Director

21 May 2019

New commercial development strategies for Alba PCB Group.

We decided to invest in the development of our commercial organization by choosing to integrate a highly qualified professional in the company, who is able to manage, organize and implement the strategic objectives of the group.

With 23 years of experience in the sector, for the last few years Fabio Puccia Modica has been involved in planning commercial strategies in the world of printed circuits and knows in depth every dynamic and need of this constantly evolving market.All Posts

Being convinced that there needs to be a global service proposal that is able to combine Far East and Italian production – an increasingly rare value but of great strategic importance – he will bring his vision to the Alba PCB Group and with it, important new ideas to give life to the innovations that the market requires.

We wish Fabio good luck with his new job and ever greater successes.


direttore commerciale Alba

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