Force of competence and technology strength

The creation of a printed circuit board relies on a broad range of knowledge: photography, electronics, mechanics, chemicals, metallurgy, electroplating. It requires the use of sophisticated software, the use of different specific processes and the utilisation of many materials: resin-based laminates, metallic-alloy-based photosensitive films.
Our competence in each of these elements and the use of cutting-edge high-tech machinery allows us to respond to the continuous evolution of the electronics industry and to continuously new PCB market demands.


Orbotech Nuvogo 800 - Europe PCB

Orbotech Nuvogo 800

We have optimised our manufacturing department by investing in most advanced technology in the field of direct-to-market PCB manufacturing that exists on the market today. It’s called NUVOGO 800 and it is the latest generation of direct imaging stationed made by Orbotech. Installed inside of a Class-10000 clean room, custom manufactured to create the ideal continuously decontaminated environment, NUVOGO 800 “designs” the inner-layer, external-layer and solder-mask image directly on photosensitive film using multi-wave laser modules.
It does not require print films and start-up times are drastically reduced from those of a traditional display unit: This promotes manufacturing speed and the speed of batch changing, thereby speeding up production.
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Automatic V-Score - production of PCB in Europe

Automatic V-Score

Maximum level of accuracy in the PCB finish thanks to the perfection of our new SHODA TECHTRON, Japanese technology for high-precision V-scoring/cutting, having been chosen to enhance our mechanical finishing department.
It is capable of managing the entire process in a completely automated manner: loading the production panel, precision alignment with optical alignment, rotating the panel to make cuts at the X-axes, those at the Y axes and final unloading.
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Pluritec Multistation - production of PCB in Europe

Micro drilling with high precision - Pluritec Evo

The best technology for micro-drilling and drilling at controlled depths. These micro drills are equipped with CCD cameras for perfect alignment of the multilayer or laser for the control of drilling tools. The loading/unloading of the panels to be drilled is performed automatically, while the barcode reader, which is positioned on the panel being processed allows for the automatic loading of the related drilling file.

  • Micro-drilling with precision up to 0.1 mm.
  • Drilling and controlled depth +/-15 microns.

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Software Insight PCB della Orbotech -production of PCB in Europe

Software Insight PCB Orbotech

InSight PCB is a web-based instrument for automatically managing and evaluating customer project data. It generates a report with the full product information requested, thereby allowing those who manage the commercial aspects to work in a more independent, accurate and efficient way.

Inkjet Sprint 120 Orbotech production of PCB in Europe ALBA PCB Group

Inkjet Sprint 120 Orbotech

Inkjet machine of Orbotech optical centering for printing the white symbols of the components, 120 Sprint offers the best definition on the market today, with 720/1440 dpi resolution and the ability to print characters with a height of 0, 5 mm, with lines of 75 microns and an accuracy of +/- 35 microns.
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Production of PCB in Europe - ATG-A6


Electrical testing machine with 16 probes with automatic alignment using CCD cameras, with soft-touch functionality ranging from 5 g to 15 g and Kelvin Testing up to 500 volts. L’ATG A6 tests pads with a minimum of 35 microns and a pass of 75 microns and automatically loads and unloads the PCBs.
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Spray machine and horizontal furnace CMP - production of PCB in Europe ALBA PCB Group

Spray machine and horizontal furnace CMP

This machine for spraying solder resist has the feature of having multiple heads: This enables printing of the desired solder resist colour at any time.
The new horizontal furnace, also offers speeds and flexibility that were not possible with old printing technologies (screen printing and glazing).
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AOI Discovery 8200 of Orbotech - production of PCB in Europe ALBA PCB Group

Orbotech AOI Discovery 8200

Machine for the optical control and inspection of the correspondence between the tracks of the inner layers, or the outer sides of the circuit board and the respective Gerber files. A high-resolution TV camera, which the Orbotech AOI Discovery 8200 is equipped with, allows for tracks down to 50 microns to be inspected.

Automatic registration photoexposure for Solder Resist - production of PCB in Europe

Automatic registration photoexposure for Solder Resist

Collimated-light exposure unit with that uses four cameras to perfectly record the film onto a production panel.

Chemical process for production of PCB in Europe

Chemical process MacDermid Black hole HT

Drill hole metallisation process which makes it possible to increase the spread of electrolytic copper in electroplating by 30%, micro-engraving only four microns of copper on the inner sides of the multilayer. It allows processing with certainty of results, above all, with regard to products with a high number of drilled holes, micro-drilling and through-holes.

Production of PCB in Europe - Genesis Orbotech

Software Cam Genesis - Orbotech

Cam station that allows you to check and correct if necessary and, upon agreement of the customer, to the check data supplied by the customer, thereby ensuring the maximum quality of the final product. The software allows for elaboration of the files for all the necessary PCB production tools to be elaborated in an automated manner: photoplotter, drilling machines, AOI, inkjet printers and testing equipment.

Chemical baths in Europe - ALBA PCB Group

Chemical baths with high penetration

We have inserted this bath to guarantee the maximum level of copper quality copper in drill holes with small diameters and optimal carry-over distribution in the circuits with areas where copper is unbalanced.

Inspecta - production of PCB in Europe

Pluritec Inspecta Diamond RX

Machine with x-ray cameras for aligning and compensation of the reference targets for drilling the multilayers.

Multistration Pluritec - production of PCB in Europe

Pluritec Multistation

All well suited for micro-drilling and drilling at control depths with CCD cameras for aligning the multilayer and lasers for controlling the drilling tools. Automatic loading and unloading of the panels to be drilled with a barcode reader for loading the drilling file and related parameters.
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