High precision micro drilling up to diameter 0,1mm

26 August 2016

The cutting edge of production technology in our drilling department: two Pluritec’s new machines EVO join our 10 automatic drilling machineries.

A choice of continuous innovation which allows us to meet the requests about multilayer PCBs, more and more solid, sophisticated and miniaturized according to the best performances.

From panel loading, including barcode identification, to final un-loading , Pluritec EVO handles production panels at high-speed, working on three independent axes with linear motors which are perfectly stable and using a motor which reaches 200 thousand revolutions per minute.

The production process is totally automatic and extremely accurate: camera CCD alignment, laser control of drilling tools diameter, controlled depth in axis Z.
Everything to push to the highest productive limits:

Micro drilling up to diameter 0,1mm
Controlled depth drilling +/-15 micron
A higher speed drilling and an extremely perfect outcome, 
in order to offer to our customers the best quality ever using an ultrafast service.


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