A high definition print!

9 September 2013

Precision and high level of accuracy for complex symbols, lines from up to 4 mils.

To print the symbolism of the white components, we have chosen to include in our departments a technology of last generation, UV lamps to LEDs, which ensures speed, accuracy, and high definition.
The Inkjet Sprint 120 of Orbotech is a machine inkjet, able to perform printing and baking of color in a very short time, from 26 to 112 seconds according to the required fineness.

The control of the amount of ink, the uniformity of its drafting and precision optical alignment (± 1.4 mils), are such as to ensure a high definition also symbologies more complex, lines of up to 4 mils for character height of 20.
The Sprint 120 also offers the possibility to print a bar code on each individual circuit serial product, allowing you to have a unique reference number for future traceability of every single pcb.


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